Yesterday, we talked about a moose that was sent into orbit by a jeep rolling through a mountain road in Colorado where the moose basically struck the ground and just got up and walked away. Today, we have another wild animal that was smacked by a car, and once again, the animal wins.

This time, the incident took place on Boulder Canyon Highway where a car was just driving along when all of the sudden, a mountain lion darted out into the road and was squarely struck, sent flying into the air violently, stuck the landing, got right up, and ran off back across the road.

Don't believe me? There's proof thanks to a dashcam in the car following behind the vehicle that struck the mountain lion:


Pretty incredible if you ask me. If this cat has nine lives, it may have used up at least eight of them in this incident.

Granted, the animal has to have some serious injuries even though it didn't appear so at that very moment. But internally, there have to be some issues because when a car that weighs a few thousand pounds going 40-50 mph hits an animal weighing about 150-200 lbs, it's going to leave a mark somehow, someway.

Hopefully, the mountain is okay, but we just don't know.

Please be extra aware when driving on roads anywhere, but especially in these mountainous areas where wildlife is prevalent. In this particular incident, where it happened so fast, not much could've been done to avoid this but just something to think about as you head out and about this Memorial Day weekend and beyond.

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