Well, this is disappointing.

There are maps that show how many bigfoot sightings there have been in each state, and Wyoming ranks really low.

I bet you thought that Wyoming would have more Bigfoot sightings than most states.

Washington State has the most sightings with 676.

California has the second highest with 445 sightings. Don't think of cities in California. Much of that state is dominated by mountains and untouched wilderness.

In Florida, they call it Skunk Ape and they have 328 sightings.

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This information comes from an article titled, Top 9 States with the Most Bigfoot Sightings.

 We dug into reports from The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and compared it against state population data to see where people have the best chance of befriending a bigfoot. (Trevor Wheelwright).

Montana has more sightings than Wyoming with 52 sightings.

Idaho has 93.

Colorado has 128.

Why does Wyoming only have 28 Bigfoot sightings?

That's just 4.8 sightings per person in the state.

We can do better.

Honestly, people, we need to go camping and drink more beer! That will increase those sightings for sure.

Wyoming is not at the bottom of the list. You are more likely to run into the big hairy guy than you are in the following states.

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I find it hard to believe that Texas has more sightings, coming in at 246. That's a hot state. Bigfoot would not make it down there with all that hair, or fur, or whatever makes him so shaggy.

Wyoming has a reputation to protect.

Could somebody please put on a bigfoot costume and go running around in the woods near some tourists?

Maybe David Letterman had it right with this bit he did for a television comedy show back in the 1970s.

Whatever we do, we need to run those numbers up.

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