There are many stories in the state of lost treasures and lost mines. So what are those stories and where does a treasure seeker begin looking? 

In the video, below, author Peter Netzel talks about re-releasing his book series on lost treasures and his plans to split the Wyoming series into 4 books based on 4 regions in the state. He then plans to spend a little time, himself, looking for some of these lost fortunes.

Some of the treasure was lost loot after train and stagecoach robberies. Other lost treasures are mines that claim to have a fortune if someone cares to dig for it. But no one knows where to dig anymore.

Back in 2019, Mr. Netzel said he was working on a stand-alone book of the Lost Cabin Mine since that story is so interesting.

All of Peter Netzel's books are on Amazon or can be found at local bookstores and just about any place where tourists can find something interesting to read about the region.

Photos provided by Forrest Fenn/
Photos provided by Forrest Fenn/

If you are just looking for a quick overview of all of Wyoming's treasure hunting stories then you might enjoy Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of Old Wyoming by W.C. Jameson. This book does not have the details of where to look, exactly, or the research of how the story began. But you will learn about the many lost treasure stories that keep treasure-seekers busy in the state of Wyoming.

If you just want to go panning for gold in a river or find it on a hillside, there are maps for that too.

gold flakes
Ask Jeff Williams via YouTube

Low-grade placer gold can be found in many of the state's streams. Note: Some sites may have prohibitions against prospecting. Always seek permission from property owners.

I found this link to a Google map that can help you zoom in on the areas you might want to search.

attachment-Google Wyoming Gold Map

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