How did two MiG-15 fighter trainers, one possibly a surveillance plane, end up in a hanger in Casper Wyoming?

They were not flown here, in case you were wondering. They cost less to purchase than you might think.

In this video, Ed Good talks about his famous father, Jim Good. Jim is in Wyoming's Aviation Hall Of Fame. Jim heard about these planes and found a way to bring them from Poland to the United States for his Good Aviation and Veterans Museum in Casper, at the Natrona County Airport.

Ed Good works to preserve his father’s dream of providing a place that can teach future generations about aviation. Ed's contributions to the Victory for Veterans Foundation help keep the museum running.

In this conversation Ed talks about the development of the MiG and how America worked to catch up to what, at the time, was more advanced Russian technology in the air during the Korean war.

The vintage planes could still fly if desired, with a little work and a lot of money. But, for the many reasons he mentions in the video, they are just to look at these days.

The museum is to showcase Jim Good's trophies and photos from air racing. But it also showcases objects from famous aviators and aviation history.

Ed hopes to improve the museum with a video tour as well as a personal walking tour. Folks are welcome to visit any time. Soaring Aviation, a company that keeps general aviation aircraft flying, is open for business. Visits to the museum are free. Individuals, groups, and even school tours are welcome.

Visit Good Aviation & Veterans Museum - Soaring Aviation Hanger. 307-258-1419 is the number to contact Ed Good.

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