It's not uncommon to drive across Wyoming and see town population signs that are so low you wonder how the place can even be called a town.

Aladdin Wyoming, population 15.

Lost Springs Wyoming, population 6.

Wyoming has a population density of 5.9 people per square mile.

Only Alaska has a lower population density than Wyoming, with just 1.3 people per square mile.

So people from big cities come out here and marvel at the openness.

Let's turn that around.

Let's take someone from one of Wyoming's least populated areas and send them to some of the most populated areas in the world.

A city located in the Philippines has a population of 119,600 or 111,002 people per square mile.

Just let that sink in.

There are places in the world that stack people on top of each other, and against each other, which would make someone in Wyoming wonder how they breathe.

In these places, there is no such thing as going for a walk without constantly bumping into and rubbing against people all along the way.

Do you hate waiting in long lines?

Get used to it if you live in one of these megacities.

The constant noise will go on all day and night.

Forget stepping outside at night to see the stars. There are far too many lights growing out the night sky.

The video above will show you the most densely populated places on Earth.

Watch this and, besides thinking about all of the people, try imagining the infrastructure.

Just getting rid of all that sewage- wow.

The two extremes are astounding.

Big-city and small-town people, ironically, both feel sorry for each other.

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