This story is based on half-truths. There really is a Fort Danger, and these people really live there. The rest I made up... 

THE VANISHING FORT - (This part of the story is true.)

How does a place that I was just looking at simply VANISH on Google Earth? Who erased it?

Each morning as I host my morning talk show, which is carried on stations across Wyoming, I get text messages over the show's app from three people in someplace called FORT DANGER Wyoming.

Every so often somebody has to ask, where is Fort Danger? Never heard of it. Neither had I, and I've tried looking it up before. I can't find it.

Milo - Brianna - Scotty, all chatting with me from the same location. But they refuse to tell me where exactly they are. (I have only heard from Steve once).

Milo sent me map coordinates once. I saw where they were but when I went back later to look again, I could not find the place. How does a place just VANISH on Google Earth?

Cathy Holman
Cathy Holman


(This part is filled with half-truths and fiction).

Remembering where I had seen it I drove out that way. Like most of Wyoming, it took me hours to get there. Then it was off the main road and kicking up dust on gravel.

But as with much of Wyoming, it was way out in the middle of nowhere that I found myself surrounded by the strangest landscape and trees. Hoodoos I think they call them. (Use that link to find where the weird word Hoodoo comes from.)

It was so strange that the road I was on took me right back to the highway. I don't recall making a loop. I drove back in and watched the compass on my dash. I was heading north, like before. Yet, in just twenty minutes, I was back on the main road where I had started.

After several attempts like this, I deiced to park the car and walk-in. Maybe if I take it slow. Just stick to the road and watch which direction I was heading.

Sasquatch Warning


It's interesting how fast the sun can set in the woods. That gate up ahead means maybe a ranch or something is nearby. Yet no matter how long and hard I walked the gate never got any closer.

I tried walking into the woods to get around the gate. Strangely, that caused me to end up right by the gate.

The rancher's gate was easy to open and I was now on the other side. in almost pitch black. Before me was a ranch-style house that I had not seen before. It just appeared there as the fog rolled away. FOG? Where did all that come from?



The smell of heavy sweat and the sound of big footsteps made me pick up my pace toward the ranch house. The light overhead making a strange wirrrrrr sound gave me a panic.

The door to the ranch house opened. "HURRY!" I heard several voices shouting. "INSIDE!" as I was bustled in.

I was offered a seat and a chance to catch my breath. The place was decorated in a cute old western style. But I had never seen anything like the computers on the tables and the strange-looking machines buzzing away in the corners.

A lady with dark hair offered me a tall drink of water.

"Brianna?" I asked.

"How the heck did you manage to find us?" she smiled.

"I love maps and exploring," I said, "It might not be on the internet anymore but I remember it."

She gave a look to a man who smiled sheepishly back.

"You must be Milo," I said.

"Yes." he answered, "and that's Scotty."

While we spoke Steve worked on some weird -- well -- I have no idea what that machine was, but it had to do with all the strange noises and lights outside.

UFO Landing
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"What is this place?" I asked.

"Wyoming has built forts for many reasons," Milo explained. "Indians, thermonuclear devices. But not all the threats are from man. Like that bigfoot that chased you in here or that UFO that tried to pick you up before you made it to the front door."

"For some reason," said Brianna, "these hoodoos seem to be a focal point for those things and anything related to the spirit world."

"It's like all my favorite childhood B movies in one place," I said.

"Did you like Men In Black?" Brianna asked with a smile.

I turned to see Milo leaning toward me and...

Honestly, I have no idea how I got back to my car, in my driveway back at home.

By the way, don't bother asking me how to get to Fort Danger. I honestly don't remember.

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