So there you are, at home or at work, and some JERK brings in home made holiday treats. (Admit it, you would have been annoyed if they had not).

Who's the IDIOT who brought in that horrible store bought stuff? No one likes those things. Might as well throw them out now. No one is going to eat them.

"I'll just have one," is the lie you tell yourself and everyone else. "Just a taste. I never really eat all this stuff."

But later you just HAPPEN to be wandering by a little too close and you are drawn in like gravity to the plate. "OH I didn't see that one before? Wonder what that taste like?"

While picking up the next test subject you grab a couple of the ones you had on your first trip. "Well they were just so good. I mean, it's Christmas after all it's okay to have a treat."

You should have never had that first taste. Studies show this stuff is worse than CRACK! 

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1). I haven't eaten that many.

2). Calories don't count if no one saw me.

3). I'll run up the stairs, next time I get around stairs. That will burn all those calories off.

WHAT WAS THAT? Did you hear that plate of wonderful treats calling you from across the room? Is that the feel of gravity pulling you again?

Just a quick walk by, you were only going to the other room on business. A quick glance to see what is left. More glances to see if anyone is watching you look the treats Why look at what those piggy pigs have done! That plate is near devastated. You'll charge them a quick treat fee for cleaning up THEIR mess.

Just one more on your way back from that "THING" you had to look at in the other room. A quick grab and gobble won't hurt. I mean, everyone else is doing it so why not you?

Back again? Why are you here? You can't remember. It's like some evil force is calling to you. No one around? Quickly slip into the room. Just one. Promise yourself just one. 

OH GOSH DARN IT ALL! Your finger touched the one next to the treat you were grabbing. You can't leave that on the plate now it's not sanitary. And look you just broke that one. Sure you'll take the broken one, no one else will want it now. But you wanted a whole one so take a whole one too.

BACK AGAIN? Nothing but crumbs on the plate. But that crumb looks big enough to eat, so have at it.

Nothing left? - DAMIT! Here comes a sugar crash. NEED SUGAR!

OH - Look - store bought cookies. --- YUM!

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