According to Rail Fan and Railroad Magazine, the Union Pacific Corporation is saying that “Big Boy” 4014 will make another appearance in August 2021. What they are not telling anyone yet is where it will run. 

You can learn more about Big Boy's unique Wyoming history in the video below. The trains we designed to get massive amounts of freight over mountains between Evanston, Wyoming and Salt Lake City, Utah. The engine's route was then extended eastward to Cheyenne. Then eventually out farther west to California.

Union Pacific issued a 'please stand by, details coming,' on their FaceBook page. The massive steam engine ran for the first time in a long time back in 2019 to the delight of the people of Wyoming who watched it once again roll to a stop in Cheyenne.

That year the engine visited 17 states during three different trips to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad. An estimated 1 million people came out to see the train roll by.

The next year trips with the big engine were canceled due to the Pandemic.

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The one active Big Boy is based in Cheyenne Wyoming. There is another Big Boy engine on display at Holiday Park in Cheyenne.

“We know you missed seeing our steam locomotives last year nearly as much as the UP Steam Team missed operating No. 844 and Big Boy No. 4014. We have great news, the Steam Team is busy planning an excursion for No. 4014, likely kicking off August,” officials wrote. “Stay tuned to the Steam Club for more information regarding the route and display locations in the coming weeks as we finalize all of the details.” (Railfan & Railroad Magazine).

So, will she roll through Wyoming in 2021? Word has not been given yet but as soon as we know we will tell you.

Below is a video that tells the history of Big Boy and how it tamed The Rockies.

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