A series of ads have begun popping up on Facebook, arguing that Wyoming is "not for sale."

This latest video is produced by a group called Honor Wyoming.

Their concern is over the people moving into the state who want to change the cowboy heritage and way of life.

Wyoming History is NOT FOR SALE! Save the Jackson Hole Rodeo Today!🚨
Out-of-staters who don’t honor Wyoming values, have taken over Jackson, and are trying to erase Wyoming history.
They have already stolen over half of the famous Jackson Hole Rodeo and Teton County Fairgrounds land for urban development. And they are not stopping.
But you can help.
If everyone across Wyoming steps up and makes their voices heard, we can save this important part of Wyoming's history and culture.
🙅‍♂️ Hands off our culture!
❌ Don’t erase our history!
📢 Preserve the Jackson Hole Rodeo and Fairgrounds today!

Below is the video that has been popping up all over social media.

Their website offers a simple explanation of why they started their organization and what they hope to accomplish.

We keep a vigilant watch on our state lawmakers in Cheyenne, making sure they uphold the commitments they made to the people who elected them. We draw inspiration from the frontier scouts of old, who protected others from danger. This is why we proudly display the scout in our logo.

We also act as a voice of reason for Wyoming voters to rely on. When we see lawmakers acting without integrity or voting against our values, Honor Wyoming has a duty to alert their constituents. We do this for the love of our great state, and to honor the traditions and hard-working families that have always defined us. As the Code of the West says: “Be tough, but fair.”

Honor Wyoming also has a YouTube page with many more videos explaining their concerns and hopes for the state.

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