This time I think Liz is making a big mistake.

I've known Liz Cheney since she first attempted to run for the Senate, some years ago. From the beginning I saw in her as an extremely intelligent woman who spoke her own mind. That is what I like about her.

What I don't like are politicians who check to see which way the political wind is blowing in order to make a decision.

Least of all I've never been a fan of anyone who supports their party no matter what.

True American's are independent minded individuals who take a stand and do what they think is right, no matter what.

As an independent thinker Liz has supported President Trump when she agreed with him. She openly disagreed with him when she thought he was wrong. I like that about her because, as a fellow free thinking individualist, I am the same way and I have done the same thing.

As for what her job is --- America is a Republic, what that means, in part, is that we elect people to go make decisions for us in the political arena. These elected officials do not need to consult the majority view for each decision they make. Every so many years they come back home, report on the decisions they have made and why, and if we like the job they are doing we vote to send them back.

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Despite what you might hear Liz Cheney has been very popular in Wyoming. She easily beats her opponents in the primaries then sweeps again in the general election. In both cases she pulls in over 60% of the vote. That doesn't happen to unpopular people.

She has also been able to position herself, and Wyoming, rather well in congress. Currently she is the House Republican Conference Chair, the third-highest position in the House Republican leadership.

Now comes the end of the Trump presidency. He has about a week to go. Yet, despite the clock ticking, there is a push in congress to impeach President Trump. Liz Cheney just announced that she will vote for impeachment.

As an individualist she is not demanding that any other republican vote with her. She has asked them all to make up their own minds and vote their conscience.

She is spending a lot of political capital on this. I might wonder if she has spent it all and then some.

Liz is popular in Wyoming. But Trump is far more popular. In a state that so heavily supports Donald Trump what does she think the reaction will be next time voters go to the polls in Wyoming? I wonder if she cares. I wonder if she calculates that the people of Wyoming will forget about this in two years. Or does she think that most voters in Wyoming agree with her?

Dear Liz Cheney - I think you made a big mistake on this one.

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