You don't mess with Wyoming tornadoes. One guy with a drone learned this lesson the hard way.

I don't know this guy's name, but his YouTube channel is called More Pi. That brings back really bad math memories. Fortunately, his videos aren't about math. Instead, he has captured some cool weather phenomena with his drone. Or, I should say that he USED to capture cool weather stuff with his drone since a Wyoming tornado ended that.

In case you've forgotten, I'll refresh your memory about the 2 tornadoes that hit near Chugwater on Independence Day. According to the NWS page, there was one about 5 miles southwest of Chugwater and another 13 miles away. There was no visible damage that the NWS observed, so they rated these twisters as EF unknown. There actually is such a thing.

I can save you some time if you'd like to get to the "drone getting zonked by the tornado" part. It starts around the 8 minute mark. He knows he's in trouble when he sees the tornado close up on his camera and then his drone says "lost signal". Oops.

After the storm passed, he used GPS to find what remained of his drone. The tornado not only crashed the drone, but also blew the camera off. Oops again. The good news is he was able to retrieve it eventually.

Next time you get the bright idea to mess with a tornado with your drone, remember this guy. It could be a costly misjudgment.

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