According to a story we ran on the Wake Up Wyoming website, and according to data from the Wyoming Department of Transportation, I-80 has been closed 54 out of the last 152 days and the season -- which runs from October to May -- is far from over.

Announcing all of these closures kept WYDOT very busy, and very frustrated.

"We have snow to move," said Frank Herfert, WYDOT spokesperson. "We don't have time to keep telling you it's open, it's closed, open again, closed again. It's like a standing at the door waiting for the cat  to decide what to do. No one has time for that.

So to save time, aggravation, and money, plus the sanity of everyone who works with Frank who are tired of hearing him complain about it, WYDOT has decide to only tell us when I-80 is OPEN!

"If you don't hear anything, assume it's closed," grumbled Frank.

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