Environmental groups are trying to persuade the courts to order payments of $1.4 million to cover their attorney fees and costs.

These groups have been suing U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over the delisting of grizzlies since 2017. Fish and Wildlife services appealed the ruling so the judge sent the case back to square one.

The 'environmentalists' in the case include the Sierra Club, WildEarth Guardians, Crow Indian Tribe, just to name a few. It is a long list. The Equal Access Justice Act and the Endangered Species Act allows the winner of the case to recover their costs from the loser.

Enter the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission. They sent a representative to testify in a U.S. Senate. The commission listed “vast amounts” made by environmental organizations through lawsuits like this.

Pat Crank, an attorney from Cheyenne, explained that this is how these "environmental" groups make “incredible” money. They challenge everything, “no matter what the facts are.” He went on to complain about the high attorney fees that are claimed by these groups.

“If they’re successful in Endangered Species Act litigation, all their attorney fees get paid,” he said, specifically mentioning the $1.4 million being sought in the grizzly delisting case.

He went on to point out how these groups “handpick” the judge that will handle their appeal. “That leads to very few delisting decisions being upheld by the court,” he said. “And the judge substitutes his political judgment for those of scientists.”

“The grizzly bear in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is fully recovered. End of story,” said Wyoming Senator Barrasso.

Wyoming Senator Enzi backed Barasso. “Wildlife experts and federal officials agree that the grizzly bears in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem have been fully recovered for years. Senseless litigation still continues to hinder the effective state management and protection of the species,” Enzi said. “We cannot let this be another decision made by out-of-touch courts.. rather than science, common sense and states that have the ability to effectively manage and protect species.”

More on this story can be found at SVInews.com. Special thanks to Powell Tribune.

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