Before you pour that VODKA out in PROTEST. You might want to read this.

If Russia was known for making great whisky or beer, there might be a problem. Nobody wants to pour that out.

But no one has had a problem with banning Russian Vodka at Wyoming bars.

Obviously, this is all over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. A fella has to do something to take a stand after all.

But where was that vodka actually made?

Cowboy State Daily posted this video of one Cheyenne bar actually pouring out all of their Vodka.


Less than 1% of vodka consumed in the United States is produced in Russia. In fact, more than half of all vodka consumed domestically is actually made IN AMERICA, according to data from IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, a global firm that tracks alcohol sales.

By boycotting vodka you are actually harming American companies. That means American jobs will be on the line and we don't need more of that.

Across America, some state officials are asking for bars and liquor stores to stop selling Vodka.

Ohio, Utah, and New Hampshire elected officials have called on liquor stores to remove Russian-made or Russian-branded products from shelves, a move that largely targets vodka since it's most closely associated with the country.


Utah Governor Spencer Cox requested on Saturday that state-run liquor outlets "remove all Russian-produced and Russian-branded products," explaining that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is an "egregious violation of human rights." (Eyewitness 3 News).

New Hampshire's Gov. Chris Sununu asked for a removal of "Russian-made and Russian-branded spirits."

But many brands are only Russian by name. That is not where they are made.

Even imported vodka from that part of the world is actually made in Latvia, and the company's headquarters is in Luxembourg.

How about this?  Tell Vladimir Putin, "SCREW YOU! I'm only drinking AMERICAN MADE VODKA!"

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