Well, I guess we here in Wyoming blew it again. People can carry guns here and open or conceal without a permit, we failed to expand Medicaid again, we are a coal, gas, oil, and cattle state. We flat out refuse to pass a hate crime law. Now we've gone and passed a voter ID law.

We will just overlook the part where everyone in the nation who has registered to vote had to show ID and proof of residency in order to register. You didn't see me say that. NEVERMIND!

The state of Georgia is being boycotted for its new voter ID law, so I expect Wyoming to catch some heck for it.

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But what are people actually supposed to boycott when it comes to Wyoming? We don't have any major sports teams. Coal, gas, oil and beef are already being targeted by the same people that are after Voter ID laws.

Will there be calls to boycott hiking and camping on some of the most beautiful lands in America? Well, okay if you insist. We tend to like fewer people out there anyway.

The best I can think of is if you already live in Wyoming and you want to boycott the state, then I guess you'll just have to leave.

That means all of the big money entertainers in Jackson Hole Wyoming will have to pack up and move. GEE, sorry to see you go. We will be so sad when the price of everything out there gets back to normal.

There is a long list of lobbyists, lawyers and politicians in Cheyenne that should start packing. Don't worry, there is plenty of work to be found ruining other states. You'll do great.

Laramie needs to empty out almost completely. That means we won't have much for staff left at The University Of Wyoming. But it must be done, by gosh. Wyoming needs to be taught a lesson! So, get packing. I'm sure we can find professors and administrators who actually like Wyoming laws the way they are.

Hate to see you go, but I don't see that you have a choice here.

Wyoming wind is strong, so, be sure to not let the screen door hit you on the way out.

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