It's hot. Mom can't take those darn black fur coats off the kids. Only one thing to do - find a body of water and everybody can go swimming.

From Wyoming, to other states that have bear populations, here are some of the best videos I could find of bears having pool parties to beat the summer heat. Because really, you can't blame 'em.

Tim Basso recorded this video and posted it on YouTube. It's actually in two parts and mom takes the kids swimming, and they even seem to know how to have fun with all of the toys.

This big bear's favorite swimming hole is in the back yard of this LA neighborhood.

Mom is just here to cool off. The kids, like all kids, can't stop romping around.

I wonder if these guys, below, know they can turn on the bubbles. How would they react if we turned them on?

Splashy bath. Just needs a rubber ducky.

The kiddie pool might be too small, but it feels a lot nicer than nothing at all.

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