A cowboy will saddle up and ride anything you challenge him to. Heck, I bet if the T-Rex was still around they would be ridding those things in rodeos.

So can a cowboy ride a buffalo like any other bull? Well, if you believe your eyes in the video below the answer has to be YES!

This ride takes place in New Mexico. Jacob Todechine Wins Buffalo Riding, 96th Indian Tribal Ceremonial Rodeo.

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As you watch it you'll notice it seems like ridding any other big bull, except the ridder must sit a bit more to the back. This fellow takes it all the way to the buzzer and gets off when he darn well feels like it.

This week we have been featuring people ridding buffalo in all different manners. So we have to wonder, why do people from outside of Wyoming have such a hard time with this beast?

For some weird reason, tourists in Wyoming can't seem to get along with the mighty beast. But people out here in Wyoming just saddle them up and take them for a ride? Now, why do you think that is?

Tourists visiting Wyoming get mauled by buffalo every year. So why is it so easy to ride them? This week we are looking at people who have successfully ridden buffalo and the big beast does not seem to mind.

Buffalo usually injure 3 to 4 people a year while bears only injure 1 person a year.

Do buffalo just hate tourists?

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