The harness for the saddle is a little different. In the video below you might notice the strap across the buffalo's hump. The ridder must sit back a bit farther than he would while riding a horse.

Other than that this buffalo seems to enjoy having a rider on his as much as a horse would. The big animal takes commands just like a horse would. Heck, this ridder even takes a call on his cellphone while casually ridding.

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Buffalo ridding is not as big of a deal as riding a horse and there are probably many good reasons for this.

The gentleman in this video is not the only ridder out there. These big beasts have been ridden in parades and even by rock state Ted Nugent, on stage. You can watch that amazing video at this link.

Tourists visiting Wyoming get mauled by buffalo every year. So why is it so easy to ride them? This week we are looking at people who have successfully ridden buffalo and the big beast does not seem to mind.

Buffalo usually injure 3 to 4 people a year while bears only injure 1 person a year.

Do buffalo just hate tourists?

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