Tourists visiting Wyoming get mauled by buffalo every year. So why is it so easy to ride them? This week we are looking at people who have successfully ridden buffalo and the big beast does not seem to mind.

Buffalo usually injure 3 to 4 people a year while bears only injure 1 person a year.

Do buffalo just hate tourists?

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In the video below you'll see rocker Ted Nugent rides a buffalo onto the stage during a Detroit concert. The animal does not seem to mind the roar of the crowd or the hammering of the rock-n-roll music around him. He just wanders back and forth to Ted commands and then Ted stops and jumps off and the big beast is lead off stage.

Well, if Ted Nugent can do that then why do so many tourists in Wyoming get mauled? What are they doing differently?  Are they just not as cool as Ted?

It seems that these big animals can be tamed and will do what we ask them. But when they tell us no, they mean no. For some reason, Wyoming tourists don't seem to know these signs.

This week we will provide more video proof that the mighty buffalo is easy to get along with when we know how to treat him. As for the tourists who are not used to wild animals and what the signs are, the best thing for them to do is just keep clear. Though I don't think they will ever learn that lesson the easy way.

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