Wyoming's voter integrity and security are the best in the nation. There is very little to worry about in this state.

In a recent interview Wyoming's Secretary Of State, Ed Buchanan spoke with Wyoming Public Media:

In the last four years in this office, we haven't been sitting static, we have been making improvements to processes and trying to bring our election code up to contemporary times. But the fact of the matter is, we've had new election equipment since 2020. And it's not connected to the internet and that we have very secure ways of utilizing that equipment and transferring the results of the election on election night.

Problems in other states have lead to skepticism about election integrity and voter fraud here in Wyoming. Voters want election security.

Early Voting in El Paso, Texas
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Even though there have not been any problems found, Crook County is going to reduce the number of polling locations in an effort to make sure elections are secure.

“If people continue to be concerned about election integrity, then we would have to shut down some polling places so that we could monitor them closer,” explained Crook County Clerk Linda Fritz. Wyoming Public Media.

Consider these moves to be enhanced security measures.

Watching the most rural areas for election fraud is not easy to do. The idea is to consolidate to better keep an eye on what is going on.

13 polling locations countywide could become 5 or 6.

Crook country has a population of 7,502, according to the 2020 census. 3831 of those citizens are registered to vote. Of those most, but not all, will vote in a major presidential election. Far fewer in off-season elections.


Some, who are concerned with fraud are calling into question the integrity of around 80 county election judges.

“So, there would have to be mass collusion for there to be fraud in Wyoming elections. I don’t believe that that happens.” Crook County Clerk Linda Fritz. (WPM).

According to the current Clerk's office, there are only a select few instances of voting improprieties occurring, which were documented. Those were cases of felons who said they were eligible to vote but were not.

If there is an election, fraud will occur.  It always happens.

The question that must be asked is, did enough fraud occur to change the outcome?

So far in Wyoming, in modern times, that has not been the case. The people of Crook County Wyoming want to keep it that way.

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