Jennie Gordon, the First Lady and wife of Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, recently stopped by Mimi's House, an organization designed to provide housing, guidance, and love to Natrona County's homeless teenagers.

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Per the Mimi's House Facebook Page:

Recently, Mrs. Gordon donated a new washer and dryer to the Mimi's House girl's house, which likely spurred her visit.

Upon her arrival, Mrs. Gordon spoke with staff and board members of Mimi's House, as well as some of the residents.

"Mrs. Gordon has publicly shared her passion for addressing food insecurity in Wyoming, and her Wyoming Hunger Initiative has made great strides in combating hunger," said organization founder and board member Miami Sleep. "While Mimi's HOuse meets multiple needs for its residents - including safety, structure, and guidance - addressing food insecurity for homeless teens is part of what the organization does as well."


Wyoming's First Lady spoke with a number of different residents from both the boys and the girls home, and seemed particularly touched by one resident's story.

“I grew up with a LOT of siblings,” the resident shared. “I have 13 brothers and 6 sisters, and we slept anywhere we could - on couches, mattresses on the floor … just wherever.  We never had enough food, and our parents spent most of their money on drugs.”

Abuse and neglect were part of her everyday life until she ran away. Fortunately for her, she found Mimi’s House.

“I am so happy to be here.  I have my own bed, a warm home, and to know I will have plenty of food to eat. For the first time in my life I feel safe, and I can relax.”

Mimi's House is dedicated to not only providing food and shelter to homeless teenagers in Natrona County; it is also dedicated to giving them a sense of self worth and dignity. Homelessness, especially for teenagers, is not a choice. Sometimes, it's the only option.

Mimi's House exists to partner with the community in changing the trajectory of teenagers' lives, offering them the chance to reclaim their lives and rewrite their story.

Jennie Gordon, and her husband, understand the importance of organizations like Mimi's House and will hopefully continue to provide assistance to this vital service offered in Natrona County.

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