Has the Wyoming Republican Party been overtaken by "extremists?"

There is some infighting in the Wyo GOP over many issues, including the recent admonishment of Repetitive Liz Cheney where the party narrowly voted, 31-29, to no longer recognize her as a Republican.

Cheney scoffed at the vote. It is, after all, only symbolic and almost did not get passed.

Shortly after, appearing on CNN was Dr. Joe McGinley, the former Natrona County Republican chairman. He saw the vote as "extremists" running the Wyoming GOP.

“I was just surprised this topic came up again,” said McGinley. ” However the state party --- the leadership --- is somewhat irrelevant at this point and felt the need to bring the topic back up again, to my surprise. And you know, this is even crazier. I mean, you can’t tell someone that they’re not a Republican. If they register as a Republican and say they’re Republican, then they’re a Republican.”

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Dr. McGinley then spoke about Wyoming's “true conservatives” as he sees them, who believe in morals, ethics and humility.

“They don’t want to come up and express their opinion to everyone. They go to the polls. That’s where they express their opinion. They also don’t want to be harassed. There’s a lot of extremists even within our own party, that if you express an opinion that differs from theirs they’re going to try to embarrass you. They’re going to harass you on social media. You might even get censured by the state party for speaking out.”

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So what does that say about who will win in 2022? Will Cheney keep her position?

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“The common voter does not agree with this type of messaging or behavior,” Dr. McGinley explained. “There’s a lot of individuals that really do support the policies of President Trump, but also support Rep. Cheney. So, those individuals also are afraid to speak out. [Extremists are] oppressing the voice of the individual by creating fear and essentially a larger group of individuals that just don’t want to participate.”

“As a true Republican…you want a representative that represents your conservative values and principles, and someone that’s going to vote the way the party really wants you to vote overall with principles. So, that’s what we see with Rep. Cheney and her voting record. Really, you can’t question it,” he said.

It is a fact that Liz Cheney has constantly been the most conservative member of the U.S. House Of Representatives. But her vote to impeach President Trump and her later moves on the investigative committee has had many thinking she was actually a liberal.

Until election day, there is a struggle inside the Wyoming GOP.

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