On the YouTube page The Kiffness they have been experimenting with putting animal vocals through a computer and mixing them with music.  Actually, they are trying it with anything they can find.

In the video below you hear an owner of an Alaskan Husky ask her dog to sing. The dog does a fairly good job but can't quite carry a tune. So The Kiffness gives him a helping hand.

Now we can hear what that cute dog had in mind when he tried to sing that song. It actually sounds really good.

Let's try a different animal. This cat has something to say and he doesn't sound happy. So let's put it to music - and - wow now this sounds interesting.

Here is a dog howling out the song of his people. What if we made it more like an opera sound. Let's put some words to it and make it a song titled "Am I A Good Boy."

Let's try one more cat. CLEARY this cat has something to say and no one is really sure what it is. But maybe if we put a beat to it we might get what is on his mind.

I wonder if any of this has been played in front of these animals. Do you think they would like their "words" put to music?

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