Just a couple of weeks ago, Travel & Leisure called Wyoming a top travel destination and now you can tack on another travel publication to that as well. AFAR's "Where We'll Go in 2021 - When We Can" labeled our state as a top North American destination in 2021.

In the January issue of 'AFAR' featured Grand Teton National Park while Travel & Leisure had previously focused on other outdoor attractions such as Cheyenne Frontier Days, Casper's College National Finals Rodeo, and obviously Wyoming's vast list of state parks. Despite Wyoming's innate social distancing, it seems that our state is becoming a hot commodity when it comes to traveling.

Executive Director for the Wyoming Office of Tourism, Diane Shober, had this to say about the notoriety:

It’s extremely humbling to see Wyoming recognized as one of the top destinations to visit this year and beyond...Now more than ever people have a strong desire to get out and explore the great outdoors, including more rural, less-populated destinations like Wyoming. We encourage travelers to embrace a spirit of adventure, while continuing to ensure collective wellness by pledging to adventure responsibly.

A main focus of the Wyoming Office of Tourism has been 'traveling safely and responsibly throughout Wyoming'. A spreading hashtag has come from that as travelers are encouraged to pledge #WYResponsibly when sharing stories of their travels throughout the state when they post on social media.

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Of course if you look outside now, it's certainly not the type of weather for traveling anywhere, and even though the annual traveling season begins around March 20th, which is not that far off, Travel council executive director Claudia Wade noted that the travel season typically begins when animals start emerging.

So don't be fooled by the subzero temps and snow on the ground, the traveling season will certainly be here before you know it.


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