Broadband rural Internet.

$2 million for new hiking trails.

New Tennis courts.  

These are just 3 of a long list of items I came across this morning. In each case, the people wanting these things are asking local, state, or federal government to pay for it.

Wyoming wasted a lot of money, even when the money was coming in. Now that it isn't those same people that did not understand why we should not frivolously spend taxpayer money are still asking for more.

The first item I listed, about broadband internet for rural areas, was from a story I found in Cowboy State Daily. Mr. Dennis Sun makes the case for broadband being needed in the most rural Wyoming areas. He is correct in saying that it would do a lot of good to have it reach way out there. As long as the money is not in the form of a government handout. The Federal Government will hit $30 trillion in debt very soon. Add our unfunded liabilities and our nation will soon cross over $160 trillion. We arrived here because of all the people across our nation who are constantly holding their hand out to the government, asking for funding for projects like this. Mr. Sun wrote about a low-interest government load to get broadband into Wyoming. Actually, government should never be in the business of loaning money- they almost never get it back.

The two other items I found in Oil City News. I read the headlines and I have to say I was a bit shocked to find anyone asking Natrona County for $2 million for hiking trails when the county and state are struggling with massive budget deficits. Wyoming school budgets might be cut by as much as $240 million, yet a group in Casper wants new tennis courts. In both cases, these folks should go out and raise the money for these projects on their own. Let's start a fundraiser. I'd be happy to help.

One of the many reasons for debt across the nation, from local government to federal, is that so many people think government should be the easy way to get "free money." This attitude has placed us in a horrible position locally and as a nation. But those who are used to getting these handouts have not figured it out yet.

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