There is a bit of a strange twist as to what happened at this Wyoming Library board meeting, causing the vote to go the way it did.

The debate over books that some see as inappropriate is still ongoing in Campbell County Wyoming.

The crowds for the meetings are sizable, which is unusual for most local government meetings. At times it was standing room only.

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Opinion are strong on this issue and at times tempers flair. But so far it has not gone to far beyond a loud debate.

At one point a Campbell County Sheriff's Deputy was asked by a board member to escort someone from the meeting. The angry individual was given time to cool down then he was allowed to return.


The issue heated up back in July of 2021 parents objected to check-out books in the children's and young adults' section about sex, gender identity, and LGBTQ issues.

Some parents argued that the book were inappropriate for that age group, in a public library.

They wanted the books removed from the library or moved to a new section where kids could not find them on air own.

Lisa Burridge Lisa Burridge & Associates Real Estate,
Lisa Burridge Lisa Burridge & Associates Real Estate,

Terri Lesley, the executive director of the library, said there have been 27 books that have been challenged and that 52 requests have been filed for reconsideration, a process in which a member of the public can request that a book be reconsidered as being part of the library's collection. (Wyoming Public Radio).

So that is where the debate is at this point. But something interesting happened during this last vote.

Tim Boyle, Getty Images
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

In the last meeting only four of the five library board members were present. The vote was split two-to-two.

What this means is, at this point, the books will not be moved. 

But that could change in a future meeting with another vote of the full board.

A suggestion has been raised that the books remain in the library but can only be viewed by children if a parent or guardian checks them out.

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