Once again a study of some sort is raking, something, who knows what, to fill time and space on the internet.

This time the state of Wyoming has been called the third-best state in the nation for dog owners. And, therefore, dogs.

That's according to a study by a group of pet experts at Our Fit Pets.

The study, which was done by researching data from Zillow, the Federal Highway Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the FBI, found Vermont is the best state for dog owners. Colorado and Wyoming took second and third place, according to the site’s senior editor, Tom Winkle.  (The Powel Tribune). 

Hold on, go back, did you read all of that?

Two dogs playing in the park, sunny day

Did they consult the FBI?? AND some guy name Tom Winkle?

Well, okay, let's read on.

Each state was analyzed based on key metrics such as access to parks and nature, dog-friendly rentals, access to veterinarians, the number of dog sitters and safety issues. (The Powel Tribune). 

Wyoming received high marks, giving us the 3rd best spot.

But did anyone bother asking the dogs what they thought?

Well, we do love our dogs.

They do have a lot of room to run and play.


I'll give it to them that we have a lot of good kennels and dog sitters in the state.

For that matter, I've met a lot of happy dogs in Wyoming.

So maybe we have earned a top ranking.

I just still want to know why they felt the need to contact the FBI and some guy named Tom Winkle.

That's just WEIRD!

Wyoming Shelter Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

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