Jason's hands were still shaking over an hour after the incident, when we finally had a chance to talk to him. He accepted the offer of a cigarette, even though he doesn't smoke. Anything to calm his nerves.

"Everything seemed so normal," Jason explained. "We left the kids with a babysitter and went for a night out, just the two of us. It was late at night. We were heading home, driving down a Wyoming back highway in her car. The one with the 'Mama Bear' bumper sticker on it. It had been a nice evening."

"Then, out of the blue she turns to me and in the quietest, most gentle voice, she says, 'That waitress was real pretty, don't you think?' "

Jason paused, and gasped for air. "Well, I just froze. You hear about men getting cornered by bipolar bears like this, but you hope it never happens to you."

Jason struggled to light the cigarette but his hands were now shaking even more as the memories of what happened next washed back into his brain.

"Young men don't know enough, but guys like me, with a few years experience, we know this trap. But it was too late, I was already boxed in. I knew I had to say something and every second that ticked away was just going to make it worse."

The cigarette finally lit, Jason tried to take a puff, but he was already experiencing shortness of breath.

"You see, a woman's words rarely have anything to do with what she is really asking. What she was really asking was - 'do you think she is prettier than ME?' We all know there is no way to answer that and live."

Jason threw the newly lit cigarette to the ground in frustration.

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"If I say yes, I'm saying the waitress is prettier. If I say no I'll be accused of looking at another woman and lying. If I say 'she's not as pretty as you' I'll be accused of feeding into her agenda. If I say I did not really look at the waitress, then I'm just a liar."

Ambulance lights illuminated the hillside with flashing colors. Jason's fingers touched the bandage the EMT had wrapped around his head. For the third time he was given the advice to go to the hospital for a precautionary check.

"I took too much time trying to come up with a clever answer. I could see her fingers tightening on the steering wheel." Jason gasped. "I did the only thing I could do, I jumped out of a moving car at 60mph on the highway."

Nation wide, health experts agree - Jason did the right thing. We all know his life was in more danger if he had stayed in that car.

"I'd rather go face to face with a grizzly."

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