First - no, I'm not talking about the potty you see above. It is an image seen from Google Earth.

Second - do not roll your eyes in disgust. You are the one who clicked on this article and you are just mad because you never thought to waste your time looking this up.

It's just that I am endlessly interested in what appears on Google Earth, so I spend some time now and then searching the Earth to see what I can find.

There, on a truck pull off, at highway 59 between Douglas and Gillette Wyoming is the unmistakable image of a porta potty. That's right, just follow the link and be amazed. Share it with your friends.

Yeah I know, it kind of looks like one of those lame, blurry, Bigfoot photos.

For you conspiracy theorists out there, the image does not show up on the road view because the Google car did not drive by the same day that the satellite flew over. The road view was taken in 2018. The satellite took the picture in 2020.

Since the satellite picture was taken this year, I bet someone could take a drive and see if the porta potty is still there. No, I am not going, though it is tempting. I mean, imagine driving all that way just to take a picture to say 'told ya so.'

I have been planning for some time to do a series of posts of the weirdest Google Earth images of Wyoming. Strange things from space that just can't be explained. I'm sorry that I got off to such a lame start. 

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