Well aren't we all just super nice in Wyoming? A recent survey showed how rude and how polite each state is and how they rank in comparison. Wyoming didn't disappoint and is one of the most polite states in the country.

YouGov recently conducted a survey asking the question, 'Do you think that people in your state tend to be more rude or more polite than most Americans?' Based on that question, it seems that Wyoming is overall, the 5th most polite state in the country.

In the survey, 49 percent of people in Wyoming say they tend to be more polite than other Americans while just 15 percent say they tend to be more rude. Then there are those who say that people are about the same, which was at 35 percent.

Rhode Island took the title of 'rudest state in the U.S.' It turns out that 42 percent of people there think they're more rude than the rest of Americans while only 9 percent thought they were more polite. It's very strange that the smallest state in the country would be the rudest. Perhaps they're all just unhappy about being crammed into such a small space. That's just a joke since that's not at all how state lines work. They were followed by Massachusetts (who I learned called themselves 'Massholes'), New Jersey, New York, and Nevada. Those are the most rude states.

The only four states finishing ahead of Wyoming on the list were Hawaii, which is the most polite, followed by South Dakota, Vermont, and North Dakota. I have lived in North Dakota before for a number of years, and I can verify that they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. That doesn't take anything away from Wyoming, especially since I've often told people my experience here is similar to what I was around when I was in ND, and of course by that, I mean the people are amazing.

So well done, Wyomingites, we're super nice!

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