A GOP-led House panel considered a bill Tuesday that would defang the Biden administration’s green energy agenda.

The GOP blames that agenda for rising energy costs.

“I believe that this administration is furthering energy poverty as an affirmative policy for the purpose of controlling human behavior and pursuing a radical climate agenda," said Wyoming GOP Rep. Harriet Hageman, who is sponsoring the bill in the House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources. (JTN).

Hageman titled the bill The Energy Poverty Prevention and Accountability Act of 2023.

The bill would require all federal agencies to include an “energy poverty statement” on the first page of each proposed rule.

That means they would have to defend the rising costs and lack of access to much-needed energy like gas and electricity.

The measure calls on federal agencies to make sure that new rules do not negatively affect low-income Americans.

The subcommittee's top Democrat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, argued against the bill saying it would just make energy companies richer.

The bill “basically says the more we produce fossil fuels, the more gas and oil that we extract, the lower energy prices Americans will have to pay,” she said. (JTN).

Ocasio-Cortez then argued that the bill does not address climate change.

“It's really not too far from propaganda at that point, how they over-promise on the benefits of extractive projects,” she said.

According to the International Disaster Database, the number of climate-related deaths has fallen roughly 99% since 1920.

Energy prices are climbing, across the board, as the nation moves toward wind and solar, studies show these new forms of energy to be less reliable and more expensive. Also, the record of pollution with wind and solar shows that it's not very green.

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