The Clemson Tigers recently announced that they were dropping the University of Wyoming Cowboys from their 2021 college football schedule, but now have a price to pay for doing so.

With Clemson dropping Wyoming from its 2021 schedule to play the Georgia Bulldogs to open the season instead, the University of Wyoming is owed some compensation.

Usually, since college football games like this are scheduled years in advance, there is now little time for schools dropped from a schedule to maneuver in order to complete their own schedule, which means Georgia needs to pay Wyoming for getting out of their game.

It's being reported by The Greenville News that Clemson will pay Wyoming $1.1 million to drop them from their 2021 schedule.

As for the Georgia Bulldogs, they were initially scheduled to play San Jose St. that week and will pay them off to a sum of $1.8 million.

The Wyoming game against Clemson would have been played on September 18, 2021, but now that date is open on the Wyoming schedule. That date could possibly be filled against another team from the ACC or may even end up as a bye.

Perhaps this may be a win-win situation for the Cowboys. They don't have to make a trip across the country to play in Clemson and they get a nice payoff.

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