One of the things I like the most about Google is that I can ask it anything. I'll admit most of my searches are spelling based. Followed closely by 'who is that person on that TV show?' Google also allows me to pretend t be a pretty good home handyman and cook. It's taught me plumbing, how my furnace works, and how to make my famous buffalo chicken dip.

Lots of people, it seems, turn to Google for life advice too.

The folks at All Home Connections sifted through Google Trends data to see each state’s top Google searches for “should I” questions.

For Wyoming, they found that the top "should I' question is "Should I drink?" No word on what the answer is though. It is a question that we share with our friends in both the Dakotas, Kansas, Alaska, and Idaho. So, maybe there's something about states with lots of open spaces that makes one want to imbibe.

Our friends in Colorado and Montana wondered if they should move. Texas and Flordia wonder if they should join the military. Several states, including Nebraska, asked Google if they should fast. And a bunch of states asked if they should even care.

There is one question I can answer. California asked, "Should I shave my head?" The answer to that question is yes. Go for it. It makes the mornings so much easier and really cuts down on hat expences.


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