Georgia gave us Waffle House while Alaska; the King Crab. Sliced bread came from Iowa, hot sauce from Louisiana. Michigan gave us Domino’s Pizza while Nevada introduced the buffet. Vermont brought Ben & Jerry’s and Oklahoma contributed Girl Scout Cookies. Each state brings something to the table, pun intended.

Wyoming’s contribution is Taco John’s according to thrillist. “They MAY have been about 20 years past Taco Bell when it comes to the whole “Americanized fast-food version of what sort of resembles Mexican food” thing, and Potatoes Oles MAY just be seasoned tater tots,”

MAY just be seasoned tater tots?!?!? How DARE you say such a thing about the best use of a potato in the history of potatoes! Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey would never stand for such talk.

Potatoes Oles are a national treasure. Pair them with a warm cup of queso and you have the most divine dinner on both sides of the Divide.


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