You are going to LOVE the video below. Seriously.

Most of you now how fighter pilots mark their planes with how many kills they have.

Below is WWII ace Alexander Vraciu displaying his many kills.

At the time this photo was taken he was a 3-time ace heading for 4. A pilot needs 5 kills to become an ace.


On the Facebook page Yellowstone National Park Invasion Of The Idiots. someone posted this video of a Yellowstone bison displaying this tourist gores.

As you can see in the video below, he is not an ace yet. 3 more to go and he's made it. Until then he proudly displays his tourist punts on his shoulder.

This ups the bar for the other bison in the area. OH YEAH! It's on now. Every bull will want to catch up.

Do you think seeing this will wake tourists up and make them stop and think?

I'm not even going to try and kid you about that. Of course it will NOT!

There are other ways of scoring that have been noted as kind of an Olympic record.

It's kind of hard to top the South Dakota bison who pants a woman.

He tossed her one way but kept her jeans from flying with her.

Those he left hanging from his horn as a trophy.

2022 started off with a record-breaking 10 foot tourist toss by a Yellowstone bison.

Other people have been tossed but as far as I know that is a record.

We keep trying new ways of telling these people to NOT PET the fluffy cows. They will gore you and it will hurt the entire time they are doing it.

At this point why not just give up on trying to tell people and make a sport of it.

Looks like the bison are keeping score.

I'm for sitting on the sidelines with some of my friends and big numbered score cards to rate each tourist toss.

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