Newsweek Magazine has run an article highlighting some of the JUNK that has recently been spit out of Yellowstone's Old Faithful Geiser.

Humans have been tossing things into Yellowstone’s geysers for hundreds of years, unfortunately. Back in the 19th century, reports claim, explorers used to use Old Faithful as a sort of primitive laundromat, throwing dirty clothes into the steaming vent. And later others would drop soap into the opening, in the belief that it would cause an eruption. My word! (Newsweek).

The article talks about all of the efforts made by the park service to keep people far away from the scolding hot water and to try and help preserve the natural beauty of the area. But despite all of these efforts, it is a little surprising what has been tossed down that hole.

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The article is a good one, but they are just now reporting what we have been telling you for a long time. Like back in August 2020 a man was caught carrying two chickens and a number of cooking pans near Yellowstone’s Shoshone Geyser Basin. And although reports did not specify his intentions, it seems clear that this was not a sightseeing trip. As the suspect was trespassing in an off-limits thermal area, he was cited for violating restrictions and fined $1,200. (Newsweek).

Follow this link to their story and scroll down through the many pictures to where you will see the collection of the JUNK that has been spit up from Old Faithful and other geysers.

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