The National Park Service just keeps trying.

HEY DUMMY! Use your BRAIN! Stay away from the big fluffy cow! HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE PET!

One of the best ways to get people's attention is through humor. That is why the park service has sent out a handy DUMMIES guide to help tourists understand how far away they should stay from animals.

The following is a post by the National Park Service on Instagram.

National park service
National park service

“It’s getting to be that season again…

National parks offer a unique experience for watching wildlife. But with that privilege comes great responsibility. Visitors are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of the animals, too. Simply put, leave animals alone—no touching, no feeding, no harassing. Just remember to keep your distance, and enjoy your experience watching wildlife.

This message is not for those followers who know what’s up and would never dream of getting too close to wildlife on purpose. Thanks for leading by example! Think of this as a message to share with others you know heading out to a park. “Vacation brain” sometimes takes over, and people may let their guard down, or get taken in by bear’s ears and other cuddly thoughts, only to have a less than pleasant experience in nature. It happens. Every year.

Infographic entitled “Wildlife Safety” with a chart of two columns. First row has an illustration of someone feeding a squirrel “nope” example next to an illustration of a person distanced next to no feed sign as “better” example. Second row has an illustration of a person taking a selfie next to a bear as and the word “nope” next to an illustration of a person far away from a bear with words, “good job”. Third row has an illustration of a person next to a moose with the word “nope” next to an illustration of a person far away from a moose with words, “now you got it”. Fourth row has an illustration of a person about to touch a bison as a “nope” example next to an illustration of a person running away from charging bison herd with words “Good luck”.”

The latest reason for having to post reminders like this comes from a video that many, but not enough, people have seen.


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