Two Riverton High School students are facing disciplinary measures after they walked into the school building Wednesday morning wearing white robes and hoods.

Administrators believe the clothing "symbolized the KKK," Fremont County School District No. 25 Superintendent Terry Snyder told K2 Radio News in a phone interview.

"It did create a disturbance within our educational setting," Snyder said. "The [other] students found it offensive and responded in that manner, identifying that it was wrong."

In a photo circulated widely on social media, the two students are seen smiling as they enter the high school. One student, walking in front, has his hood on top of his head, and is seen wearing a cross from his neck and carrying the American flag.

"As a district, we will not tolerate any behavior like that, any behavior anywhere close to that, and that's so disappointing that students would decide to do what they did today," Snyder said.

The two robed students were confronted by administrators almost immediately after arriving at the school, Snyder said. One student is a junior, Snyder said, but he was unclear as to the age of the other student.

"I'm going to hope to believe that they did not understand the impact of what they were doing, and that they will now have learned a very strong lesson," Snyder said when asked about the students' intent in wearing the clothing.

He could not comment regarding the disciplinary action taken against the two students, as the district does not disclose such details.

"We dealt with a serious matter in a serious manner, and we take any lack of respect seriously," Snyder said. "We hope that this never occurs, but if it does we're gonna hold the kids accountable."

"We don't ever want anything like this to ever happen again," he added.

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