Have you ever read the novel The Yearling? It is a famous novel first published back in 1938 and made into a movie in 1948. This would be the modern-day telling of that story.

Meet Dominic Brown- when his parents took him on vacation in the Shenandoah National Park young Dominic went for a walk and returned home with a new friend... A baby deer.

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Mom heard Dominic come home. He was wiping his boots on the porch and talking to someone. Mom went out to check.

He was just standing on the porch with his new friend next to him as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“On one of my trips, I remember I went back into the kitchen, and I was getting something out of the refrigerator, and I peep my head around because I heard him kind of wiping his little boots on the mat,” Mom said. (Dog Dispatch). 

“I was like ‘OK, he’s getting ready to come in.’ So I turn my head and there it is. It’s like a little baby deer and him. Like, it wasn’t anything strange for him. It was really weird.”

Dominic had named his new friend FLASH. He thought maybe he'd go home for a bowl of cereal and maybe Flash wanted some too.

Mom grabbed her phone and started taking pictures.

It seems that baby deer can be very trusting of humans and some pets of humans. This video below shows one trying to make friends with another little boy.

Here is a little girl and a fawn that have made friends. Now everybody calls her the fawn Whispers. So, why are these baby deer so attracted to baby humans?

Here is a video of a fawn who wants to make friends and play with a human toddler. The fawn jumps a little and rocks around hoping the little girl will do the same.

Deer seem to remember. Here is an adult woman who is reunited with a deer that she had met when the deer was just a fawn. Now it is back and the deer remembers her friend.

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