I've seen the sign in front of a house "CAUTION, ATTACK CAT!"  Well, I guess maybe that is not too far off.

Here are several videos of one postal worker who is attacked every day. The cat might be playing. The cat might actually want to kill this woman. Either way, the postal worker loves it.

We can make a few guesses here. The cat is bored and wants to play. The cat is crazy, just plain crazy. The cat actually wants to kill her. The cat hopes to be rescued and taken away by a nice postal lady.

VIDEO 1: Have not seen you in a while.

This charming postal worker keeps trying to play with the cat and make friends with it. So, what's the problem?

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Is the cat actually trying to protect the house? The meowing makes it sound like it's serious.

VIDEO 2: Poke the window to say hello.

She decides to have a bit more fun with this. Let's sneak up and play hide and seek. This time the attack cat must have been napping. It wasn't until after the mailbox slammed shut that the cat appeared at the window.

VIDEO 3: Hide & Seek.

Pause this last video and read the note she leaves the residents and owner of this house. YEAH she loves this cat. But it's still hard to tell if the cat loves her back or actually does want to kill her. It's a cat. That mood can change from day to day.

VIDEO 3: The Note

You cannot see the entire note so I'll let you know, the postal worker writes: Because this cat delivers such delight to my day, I thought it only proper to repay her by delivering some cat treats. And she did not disappoint with her behavior. BEST JOB IN THE WORLD, LOVE THIS CAT.

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