We have all been in that relationship that made us realized we should have seen the warning signs. 'How in the world could I have hooked up with someone this bad?' we ask  ourselves.

Same goes for camping. Maybe we should have vetted these people a bit more before we agreed to go out alone in the woods with them...

Here are a few warning signs to watch out for, before you break out the tent:

1). The over packer. Some people like to bring the comforts of home. That's fine. But if what they take with them takes more days to pack, and unpack, set up, maintain, tear down, pack for home, unpack when back home, than days that were actually spent camping, don't go with that person.

Backpacks in the store.

2). Heavy drinkers. An adult beverage or two is fine. But should you see them packing more alcohol than food you might want to reconsider. Remember, you'll be sleeping in cramped quarters with this person.

3). Drama kings and queens. Yeah, they pack all that drama with them too. It just gets worse when you are stuck with them.

4). Bossy know-it-alls. Wasn't the purpose of camping to get away from your boss? Don't bring one with you.

Paul Bradbury
Paul Bradbury

5). Cell phone addicts.  YEAH that's a picture of a guy up in a tree who can't leave work alone. Then there are the people who are addicted to social media.

It's okay to bring the phone. There are so many helpful apps on them that can make a camping experience even better. But if they spend more time looking at their phone than what is around them and complaining that they can't get a signal, you are with the wrong person.

The funny thing about writing all of this stuff down so publicly is- the people I am writing about will actually read this, yet still never suspect that I'm talking about them.

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