In his Friday forecast, 06/07/24, regional weatherman Don Day advised caution if you are planning a camping trip.

Steer clear of camping right by rivers, streams, and washout areas.

There are two reasons for this.

Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado have had a good amount of snow pack this spring.

As we move towards summer and the temperatures warm up that snow is going to melt and come down from the mountains.

Rivers, streams, and gullies that usually wash out during these times can suddenly experience flash flooding.

Watch the video below to hear Don Day's explanation.

Add to that mix those afternoon thunderstorms we get this time of year and that brings more water down into those flows.

That perfect camping spot might look safe when you arrive at the site.

But look around to see if it's an area where water likes to flow.

Those cuts in the landscape are obvious in places like Wyoming.

That low spot by the water or that washout might look pretty and might seem practical, but it can be dangerous this time of year.

Take the high ground.

The white you see in the photo below is snow on the tops of mountain ranges.

attachment-Snow Wyoming Colorado

Nothing being described here is unusual.

It's what happens in this part of the country this time of year.

Thunderstorms will pop up, usually in the late afternoon.

Watch for flash flooding and lighting.

Wyoming's many open spaces make staying outside in a thunderstorm a really bad idea.

Lighting can strike way out around a storm. You don't have to be getting rained on to get hit by a bolt.

The good news is that those storms don't last long so you can go right back outside as they pass.

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