It's bad enough they have learned how to open car doors. Click here to watch videos on that. But they have figured out how to open the doors to our house or kick them in if they want. They even play in our swimming pools.

Now they've figured out why we like hammocks so much.

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I wonder, did they watch us sleeping in these things, or did they have it all figured out on their own?

This is getting really bad. I'm thinking planet of the apes got it wrong. It's going to be the planet of the bears.

IN OUR FIRST VIDEO we see a mama bear and her cubs playing on a hammock in much the same way humans play with their kids.


IN OUR SECOND VIDEO we see a bear relaxing on a nice summer day in the backyard hammock. The problem I see here is that no human will ever lay down there again for fear a bear will show up while they are asleep.

OUR THIRD VIDEO takes place in a New Jersey back yard. This bear is trying to figure out the best way to get into a hammock.

VIDEO NUMBER FOUR shows a bear way down south, just chillin'.

This shows that bears all over the nation are figuring this out.

IN OUR FITH VIDEO we see a big bear, just before hurricane Sandy hit way up in the New England states. This guy has it all figured out.

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