Are you a west side Casper person or do you prefer the east side? If you answered the second one, you need to check out a dozen pics of an east side home that has mountain and Elkhorn Creek views.

I found this epic home on Realtor. The physical address is 1577 Elkhorn Valley Drive. The Elkhorn in the street name is important here as it's not far away from Elkhorn Creek. As with most homes, it's the pictures that truly tell the story though.

Casper Home with Epic Mountain and Elkhorn Creek Views

There are two features that stick out in my mind about this home although there are probably more than that if I let my mind wander. Number one, it has dual kitchens. Since I'm a non-glorified mess hall chef in my family cooking for 4 kids constantly, that extra kitchen would be a godsend. The other is the fact that the master bedroom appears to have its own gas fireplace. That would not be unpleasant to fall asleep next to.

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What does this kind of east side Casper real estate cost you? Current asking price is a cool million and a half. Spelled out in actual numbers, it's even more impressive. That's $1,500,000. If I had it, I'd be first in line for the views and the nearby creek and the over 9,300 square feet of space. As it is, I will peruse the pictures for free. Check out the full listing for even more pics and details.

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