There I was- minding my own business, just driving into Buffalo to visit a friend, when I see a giant skunk in somebody's yard.

Well - I had to stop.

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Meet Hal Halverson. He's about the nicest guy in all of Buffalo, Wyoming. He coaches gymnastics in town. Hal loves to create. He also loves to make people laugh. According to Hal people need to come together and start laughing more, which is why he created this massive skunk.

Glenn Woods & Hal Halverson Photo By Tim Mandese
Glenn Woods & Hal Halverson Photo By Tim Mandese

The center of the skunk is a lawnmower. There are various controls that he pushes, pulls or squeeze's as he drives in the various local town parades. He can cause the head to turn. The mouth to open. The arms to raise.

But the best trick is when he backs up to some folks on the parade route, raises the skunk's tail, and squirts them. He's been trying to figure out how to make it puff green gas at them.

People love it. They cheer when the skunk walks by, and they hope it will stop and squirt a family member or friend, but not them.

The big skunk does not have a name. I advised Hal to change that. It really needs one.

It's obvious the skunk is built out of whatever Hel could find. But that's okay, it looks great.

After years of use and sitting outside for so long the skunk is in need of a little repair.

In the short video interview below you can watch Hal operate the skunk. YES, he even makes it squirt STANK!

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