I am so impressed with NASA astronauts. Think of all the schooling and training they go through in hopes that they might be chosen to go into outer space. It's a lot of hard work for that one in a million chance.

Here in Wyoming our astronauts don't go through quite the same rigorous training to make it into space. They just buy a singlewide, plant it out in the middle of nowhere, and wait.

There are just over 500,000 people in Wyoming and not all of them live off the grid like this, so the odds of being "chosen" are pretty good.

We asked Willard Wompisputter about his half dozen or so trips to space.

"Not sure why they picked me," said Willard. "I ain't no pilot and don't got no degrees of any kind. Maybe they just want to see what an average Joe human is like. That's my best guess."

Willard is proud that his grandson has been chosen as the next generation of American's to go into space.

"Little Toby was taken up just last week. They probed him and put a chip in him and everything. Just like they did to grandpa."

Wyoming doesn't get the recognition that Florida and Texas get for space travel, and Willard wonders why.

"Heck we been out there more often, and farther and faster than anything them boys with them fancy degrees could dream of. But do we get credit? Oh no they laugh at us like we ain't worthy or something. But I tell you what, we done more than them."

We asked Toby when he thinks his next trip into space might be.

"Not sure." said Toby. "They just come get us when they need us,"

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