One last warm day then cold weather comes to Wyoming.

Two days of temperatures in the 60s and nighttime lows in the 40s or less.

No worries. This is just Canada testing out its winter machine.

According to this news story, by DJ Nike, two years ago on this date we had a good heavy snowfall in Wyoming.

This weekend's cold front will push that nasty smoke out of Wyoming, thank heavens, and bring in cold temperatures with snow up in the bighorn mountains.

That little colored area you see on the map below is the predicted snowfall for the higher elevations of the Big Horn Mountains.

attachment-Snow prediction big horns

Even the Laramie Range will get a little snow according to the National Weather Service. You see that in the photo below.

The rest of us will get some much-needed rain.

This just goes to show that you can't predict the weather from one year to the next. It's always changing.

There is no such thing as "the weather is supposed to do this or that."

While we are at it, this drought should be coming to and end as we go through this winter.

attachment-118952288_4057773394249720_125245919754149177_n (1)

Weather comes in shorter cycles, along with longer. Times of drought give way to years we wish it would stop raining and snowing.

U.S. Drought Monitor
U.S. Drought Monitor

Western states like Wyoming have been caught in a drought cycle for a few years now.

But based on past trends, and what we see coming, this later winter and spring should bring an end to that trend.


Regional meteorologist Don Day of Day Weather has just released an updated forecast where he looks at long-term trends.

According to those trends, which you can see in the video below, pacific patterns, as well as Sun cycles, are changing. Historically this changes our weather here in the west.

Weather trends here in North America have a lot to do with what happens in the Pacific. As we swap between what is known as La Nina El Nino we will swap from hot and dry to wet and cold.

This is why the west has had a long period of drought. La Nina has a lot to do with the Sun. The Sun has cycles just like the weather does here on Earth. When the Sun is in a calm period we tend to fall into a La Nina effect. That can mean dryer weather, even droughts.

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Special thanks to Grandpa Rich of Thermopolis Wyoming for these photos.

Each morning Grandpa drives up to check on the herd in Hot Springs County Wyoming.

As he drives around he takes photos and sends them to me.

An audience of 1 is not enough.

That's why I'm sharing them with you.

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