Let's face it, if you're home is a former missile silo for thermal nuclear devices, your neighbors will never mess with you.

I mean, who knows what you're keeping down there?

Right now you can own an affordable missile silo right outside of Chugwater Wyoming, north of Cheyenne, for a "reasonable price."

For just $60,000 you can have a 1.6 archer lot.

That's a great price.

Let's see what this place looks like.

Located at 3098 Road 9, Chugwater, WY 82210.

I tried to use google maps but nothing came up, but I was able to find its location on a map. That's posted further down in this article.

But, honestly, it's there. Here's the realtor's listing.

attachment-Listing for Wyoming missile silo

I was also able to find just one photo of the property.

Looks like it still has a fence around it.

You can find the realtor's website with a full photo at this link. 

A place like this could come in handy in the coming zombie apocalypse, or whatever the heck else you think is coming out way.

The location is isolated.

Not many people have any idea where it is or that it is even there.

Again, Google Maps doesn't show it.

attachment-Listing for Wyoming missile silo 1

The realtor website ZILLOW lists it in this way:

If you are looking for a different kind of investment here it is.  This 1.6 acre property is the home to a buried missile silo surrounded by open fields.  There is currently a well on the property and the electricity is to the property and all fenced.    More pictures to come as weather permits.

Using the Zillow Map we can see where it's located.

A few people have gone out to see it and a bid or two has been made on the property.

Nobody has closed a deal yet.

So, this is your chance.

Just imagine what fun you could have building out a hole in the ground like this one.

attachment-Listing for Wyoming missile silo map

Not sold yet? Check out this video of the property:

So what do you think?

Want a former missile silo as a home?

Thermal nuclear devices and rockets are not included.


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