Yet another LAME study from Wallet Hub has been released about Wyoming and once again is so EASY to debunk because they don't bother to actually ask any REAL questions or do any REAL research.

According to the report, released Tuesday by WalletHub, Wyomingites who are allowed to work from home don't have the best environment for doing so.

The data examined the share of workers working from home, internet cost, and cybersecurity in each state.


So are we to assume that "working from home" only means sitting on the sofa in your jammies and working on your laptop?

John Moore, Getty Images
John Moore, Getty Images

I would argue that ranchers work from home, as do farmers, and other professions where money is made from the surrounding land.

There is a long list of professions involving skilled labor that might take place in an outbuilding or garage that do not involve a computer.

Let's also throw in artists and musicians who also work from home as do many shop owners who live behind or above their store or restaurant.

BUT OKAY - They want to focus on the more modern jobs that involve working on a home computer?

Young wife working with her cat at home.

Part of Wallet Hub's argument is that the internet is a bit more expensive in Wyoming.

Let's just let them have that argument for a moment and respond with... SO WHAT?

It is far less expensive to live in Wyoming than in most other states.

Heck, Wyoming doesn't even have a state income tax.


That means that people working in Wyoming get to keep more of what they earn than if they lived in other states.

So it's fine if the internet costs a bit more, that is nothing compared to how much they save by living in this state.

As for cyber security, if someone working from home doesn't think they are secure enough they can go get more security. That's not the fault of The State Of Wyoming.

These types of "studies" are typical of Wallet Hub.

BELOW: Actual photo of Walled Hub employee "WORKING!"

woman finds a quiet space to get work done while quarantined from home

It does not matter what question they are asking, they never think it all the way through to get a thorough answer.

PLUS, they have never been to any of the places they are writing about, so they really have no idea of what it is like there.

Wallet Hub writers sit in their little cubicles or bathtubs as shown above, and just Google a few things and call it good. That's no way to study anything.


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