According to the website, Zippia, Wyoming comes in as the 13th most rude state in the US.

But hold on, the people who did this study have never been to Wyoming, so how the hell do they know? That's typical of these studies.

To determine which states are the rudest, we looked at 4 areas:

Percent of rude drivers
Average tip
Amount of cursing to customer service agents
How rude the rest of the country finds the state

OKAY, let's pick this apart.

Businessman trying to solve a maze questions

They don't know the percentage of rude drivers if they have never driven here.

I can tell you right now I have driven in New York, New Jersey, and Boston. Those are some rude drivers. As someone who lives in Wyoming, I find Wyoming drivers tend to mind their own business, although they yell at cars that have Colorado license plates.

Tipping standards for waitresses. Wyoming averages 16.8 percent. That's good since most people across the nation tip 15%.

As far as how rude other states see us, I'd like to know who they asked. I find Wyoming people to be really nice until someone from another state gets in their face. Rude people are not tolerated. Don't call us rude if all we are doing is not putting up with rude tourists.

Glenn Woods
Glenn Woods

I've lived in Wyoming for 13 years. I've also lived in some other states. Based on my personal experiences I can tell you that Wyoming people are not rude.

What they are is tough enough to not back down when someone else is out of line. Some people call that rude. It's not.

The moral of the story - don't trust studies conducted by people who have never been here.

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